Why Taking Free Speech Away And Blocking on Social Media Wrong

Big Tech not giving everyone free speech it needs to stop.

Its time to stand up against our free speech on Social Media

Why do we have to suffer not getting our words out on Social Media, robbing us from our free speech and opinions, so much that we get fearful when it comes to much about talking about any topic.

Free speech is our right from the Constitution that should not be taking away from anyone regardless of who we are, and what we are saying, as long as it does not damage or destroy anyone .

Because when Social Media comes to controlling what our opinions are according to their say so, than they begin to abuse their power, and it just gets more deeper and deeper until we have a problem on our hands.

Taking away freedom of speech, meaning to throw away our Constitutional rights, and doing away with so many Constitutional articles, until finally we don’t have anymore moral laws that keeps man from destroying each other.

Freedom of speech should not be taking away from anyone on Social Media, and the right to express our opinions at anytime, whether we are right or wrong. Let the reader judge for themselves.

This is definitely worth standing up and fighting for peacefully. As we can see today many media platforms are silencing our voices and we just can not let this slip by for one more day less, they have 100% full control.

Before you know it we will be controlled by a government dictator. And all lives will be at the mercy of the government, what we can do and not do, does this remind you of other countries?

Overall let us make a stand and come against our rights being taking away only to regret if nothing is done for protecting the Constitution we value very much.

Let us always be proud of our Country, and let freedom reign.

I love to express my opinions and feelings based on truth and facts. My goal is to be positive and influence many to reach their goals also.I love reading books

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