Vaccines vs Prescription Medicines Side Effects

Could vaccines and prescribed medicines have deadly side effects on some

So much we are still finding out about any minor or major side effects of this Covid-19 vaccine, you don’t know until you hear the truth and any information updates.

I definitely don’t want the government to enforce this upon people. Right now we are only encouraged to take the vaccine.And like thousands of other medicines that our doctors prescribes for us ,the information on side affects says may cause death.

Scary feeling to see this on our own medicine.We can get alarmed by the vaccine and our own medicines we take daily. Could they both have major side effects that have life threatening results that ends with death.

It’s something to really think about when our own doctor prescribes us these drugs that might help us. My advice is to do more research online, and see what others are saying on social media such as Youtube and Facebook. Be safe always with any prescribe medicines.

I love to express my opinions and feelings based on truth and facts. My goal is to be positive and influence many to reach their goals also.I love reading books

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