This Is My Super Mom

What Is A Super Mom?

A super mom is one who takes care of her family and she puts her husband first

She loves her children very much she disciplines in a way where they will listen and when they get older they will not depart from her gracious instructions

She make sure that her husband has everything he needs to start the day out working. and her children go to school early in the morning being fully dressed and equipped for the days task

She make sure that they are on school on time her children also learn a lot at school because always teaches them lessons and values at home.

She always gives hugs to her husband to confirm her gracious love to him two to three times throughout the day

She always puts her family first before herself this is Super Mom because she is always there for the family she prepares their meal and no one goes hungry.

She is the pillar of the house, dad and mom always get along and their relationship, even when there’s differences in opinions.

So Mom I just want to tell you, that you are my Super Mom and I love you very much.

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