Whether personalized or job relationship It is timely and has helped me to synthesize my thoughts

I do the following, in writing with a planner* (High Performance Planner — Brendon Burchard designed for goals that look at annual, daily and monthly goals and activities to accomplish those goals.

  1. Physical — What do I do to be healthier last year? What steps did I take to accomplish those things? Be so very thankful for everything I do, each success, and everything I have and what I learned from my failures and mistakes.
  2. Mental — What did I do to be mentally more aware and present in my life? What steps did I take? What can I do more successfully? What did I learn from my efforts? (Be grateful for everything learned and each mistake and each success.)
  3. Emotional — What did I do in 2020 to become more emotionally stable and more in charge of my emotions? What were my accomplishments and success ? What were my failures? What can I learn from both of these? (Be grateful and thankful for the successes, failures, and what was learned?)
  4. Spiritual — What did I do successfully last year to grow my spirit? Where can I be more successful? How did I fail? How did I measure my success? (Be thankful and grateful for each achievement, each learned lesson, and each failure.)
  5. What hobbies or personally enjoyed skills did I learn more about or enhance this year. (Books read etc.) What did I learn? How do I know this or measure this? (Be grateful for each act I take for my pleasure and learning.)
  6. What else can I do to become “My Best Person?
  7. ”What were my goals for the business this past year?
  8. How did I measure them?
  9. What did I succeed in doing? (Be grateful for the success.)
  10. How do I know I have succeeded? (What measurement did I use?)
  11. What did I do, read, or learn to have that successful?
  12. What were my failures? Why did I fail at that goal? What could I have done that I didn’t? (Be grateful for what I learned.)
  13. What things might I have done to either avoid the failure or enhance success? (Be thankful for each step of the journey: each success and uniquely for each failure as you learn more from failures.)
  1. Physical — health, weight, eating habits. How will I measure the success of each goal?
  2. Mental — my presence in my life, and my intent of the action, mentally to remain present. What will I do? How will I measure my success?
  3. Emotional — Blaise Pascal said: “Every time someone offends me, I try to raise my soul so high, the offense cannot touch it.” How will I learn to be emotionally more in control of who I am to allow my spiritual self to be present and above-perceived offenses? (Be grateful for what I do and what I learn.)
  4. Spiritual — (Consider “c” above). What will I do, read or be a part of, to grow spiritually in this coming year? How will I measure my success?
  5. Hobbies and things I enjoy doing. What hobbies or skills will I enhance, grow, or learn about to have greater knowledge or expertise this coming year? What will I need to do to accomplish that? (Be grateful for each idea and each thought along the way.)
  1. In order of importance, What are my business goals for the coming year?
  2. What steps do I need to take to be successful?
  3. What new skills do I need to develop to be successful?
  4. How will I measure my success, weekly and monthly?

I hope I have helped you to better engage in your life and your future. I would suggest that if growing personally and in business is vital to you that you pick up a copy of Brendon Burchard’s book and planner.

*I will also give all the credit for the above, to Brendon Burchard, whose Book: “High Performance Habits,” can help anyone wanting to be more productive. I have difficulty describing how much it has helped a person (me), who has always hated planning and is now fully engaged in the process.

I wish you great success.

I love to express my opinions and feelings based on truth and facts. My goal is to be positive and influence many to reach their goals also.I love reading books

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