Having No Money ( I’ve Had Enough )

Being without money and never having enough at the end of the week is a state of mind. There’s always so many opportunities you could do to make and earn income money.

Here is a example I will tell you: when I moved to the United States years ago, I wasn’t allowed to work with US customers while I waited through the immigration process.

I allowed that dumb crazy thought to run through my head, and didn’t look for other ways to earn money.

But later, I adventured into internet marketing, forum marketing and freelancing. I could have been making legal income all this time not knowing. My own mind fought me so hard.

When I think of all those long days and months of income I threw away by not pursuing after this, it made me so very sick.

Being without money suffering like this is a state of mind in which you believe you have no or very few choices. Since you apparently have no resources of income, you are at the heart favor of other people.

Imagine having your entertainment chosen by some other person can be very embarrassing (“I can’t afford to go to the movies, but my friend can and they want to go to this film.

I don’t really want to see it, but they invited me along…and I don’t have any choices so I guess I should go.”) It’s quite a fearful and scary place to be, and I won’t ever be there again.

I thank God for showing me the way to earn money today, I wish I knew this a long time ago.


I love to express my opinions and feelings based on truth and facts. My goal is to be positive and influence many to reach their goals also.I love reading books

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