Gods Way Is Just And Brings Peace

God So Loved The World He Gave His Only Begotten Son

We always want to think of God as 100% Love, but He is also 100% just against sinful acts that goes against His Word Of Truth also. Many sins like hurting hurting one another with wrong motives. We are so much commanded to love one another and if anyone has done us wrong we are to take this matter to God in prayer and He will do justly to our enemies.

It reminds me of the book: In The Hands Of A Angry God by Jonathan Edwards. The Word of God says in Hebrews 10:31 That its a fearful thing to fall into the hands of a living God.

But as we give ourselves completely to our Father God we will experience the love of God in our lives in greater measures beyond words could ever express.

We so love to talk about Gods love, Gods grace, Gods mercy (which He very well is) ,but we can be blind to the fact that Gods Word talks about justice, repentance,and eternal hell and heaven just as well.

In Acts chapter 5:1–11 we see example of Ananias and Safaris, (husband and wife), when they lied to the Holy Spirit and Peter told them what they horribly done and Peter pronounce death upon both as they died each one as they came inside one by one.

God requires repentance and to turn away from wickedness, lawlessness, self-righteousness, pride, and to humble ourselves before God, so He then can show us His mercy, grace, and love.

He so much wants to bestow His goodness on us but its up to us to change. Gods word is forever the same and no shadow of turning. For God so love this world very much that He gave His precious beloved Son Jesus Christ- John 3:16

That we can have eternal life through His Son. God is real, God is love, someone who will be closer to you than a brother. Someone we can really put our full trust in and will never let us down or forsake us.

I love to express my opinions and feelings based on truth and facts. My goal is to be positive and influence many to reach their goals also.I love reading books

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