10 Things We Should Always Do To Succeed In Life.

Learn to do these things that will help you in life

John King
2 min readJan 26, 2021


Success is the future of wealth and prosperity

1. Always be good to people regardless of the color of their skin, race,religion, beliefs, and difference opinions

2. Always keep your secret goals to yourself. The more you tell people about your plans and goals the less you want to succeed .Do all your work alone and away from anyone getting in the way of your success.

3. Always walk in your integrity and never back down from what you believe to be true and honest. A person with no values or integrity will eventually have a major crash in life.

4. Always use the money you earned and never go over that amount on credit card debt, spending what you don’t have and can’t pay back will lead to total shipwreck. A wise man or woman thinks before they spend so they can have rewards in the end.

wealth is the rewards of being wise and success for the future

5. Always be indebted to those who mentor and helped you to succeed .These are people we will value like gold nuggets in our lives and never let go of such wise people.

6. Always be aware of who you loan your money to, even the best of people might be the ones that never pay you back.

7. Always regard the people who was always there for you in high esteem. The rewards of great friends are hard to find. Keep them and value them, never let them go.

8. Always stay strong, be encouraged and absolutely don’t quit and give up on your goals and dreams. Those who never quit will always succeed in life.

9. Always press forward and leave your past behind you. Thinking and dwelling on past mistakes can drain you of the future of who you will be later. Be positive,take action now, set goals and the rewards are sure to come to meet you.

10. Always do these steps written ,with integrity and a positive outlook.This is a sure proof of success for your future that you can give back your wisdom of advice for people who need the same help.



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